Project Info

Welcome to Money Steps. This program was designed to help people who have experienced incarceration take control of their financial situation.  The project was made by the consumer education non-profit organization Consumer and Education and Training Services (“CENTS”) in partnership with the United State Probation and Pretrial Services and funded by a grant from the Western District of Washington Library Fund.

The project consists of video chapters, materials, and resources. The video chapters are organized as follows:

Chapter 1: Introduction (10 minutes)
Chapter 2, Part 1: Money management mindsets (13 minutes)
Chapter 2, Part 2: Money thinking traps
Chapter 3, Part 1: Budgeting interview
Chapter 3, Part 2: Budgeting process
Chapter 3, Part 3: Tracking expenses and saving
Chapter 3, Part 4: Spending percentages
Chapter 4, Part 1: Banking
Chapter 4, Part 2: Banking continued
Chapter 4, Part 3: Costly products
Chapter 5, Part 1: Smart borrowing
Chapter 5, Part 2: Borrowing choices
Chapter 6, Introduction
Chapter 6, Parts 1-9: Credit Reports and Scores provided by Credit Builders Alliance and DefyVentures on separate website
Chapter 6, Part 10: Chapter 6 activities and quiz
Chapter 7, Part 1: Dealing with debt collections and your rights
Chapter 7, Part 2: Bankruptcy
Chapter 8, Part 1: Health insurance
Chapter 8, Part 2: Health insurance and public assistance
Chapter 9, Part 1: Taxes
Chapter 9, Part 2: Tax troubleshooting and preparing
Chapter 10, Part 1: Identity theft
Chapter 10, Part 2: Other scams and fraud
Chapter 10, Part 3: More scams and how to protect yourself
Chapter 11: Overcoming barriers to reentry
Chapter 12: Planning, goal setting, organization, and resources

Just about every video chapter has an activity, quiz, and resources.  If one of the above chapters has relevant resources or materials, we list them in the Video Chapter Resources/Materials section of that particular chapter.  If there are resources out of scope of this project, we list them on the Additional Resources page. If there are any updates to the video, we list them on the updates page here.