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Financial education program for those who have experienced incarceration

Chapter 4, Part 1: Banking

Video Chapter Resources

  • Safe Banking
    • This downloadable Powerpoint offers advice to help consumers practice safe banking. The presentation covers topics such as establishing a bank account, safely using automatic payment systems, and how to avoid identity theft.
  • Safe Banking Tutorial
    • This downloadable document offers consumers safe banking advice and provides a variety of common mistakes that consumers can easily avoid.
  • Finding the right financial institution
    • This article, by Practical Money Skills, outlines various considerations consumers should keep in mind when choosing the right bank.
  • What to Shred
    • From Washington State Office of the Attorney General, this page identifies key documents that should be shredded and how long to keep sensitive documents.
  • Protecting your checking account
    • From the Federal Reserve, this page is a simple 5 step list of protective measure that can be taken to protect your checking account.
  • Opening A Bank Account For Felons
  • Free Credit Report
    • Chex Systems Reports
    • Dispute tutorial – Provides information on how to file a credit dispute.
    • Chex Systems Consumer Relations
      • Nationwide consumer reporting agency offering tools to help consumers track their credit and manage the information consumer reporting agencies are able to provide to third parties. Also offers identitfy theft proction services and financial education tools.
    • TeleChex
      • Service designed to protect consumers and businesses from check-related losses and fraud.